Lightspeed Datalinks, founded in 1989 and purchased by Pezold Management in 1999, specializes in wired and wireless network solutions for various industries; design, installation, maintenance and help desk functions for hotel high speed wireless internet networks; security camera system development and deployment; and is a application service provider. Our clients include colleges and universities, franchise operations including McDonald’s and Hampton Inn, government agencies and other Fortune 500 companies. This well-earned trust from our clients has enabled us to expand our geographical footprint in 5 southern states. We endeavor to keep one foot in the business world and another in the IT world as we work to constantly improve the quality of service for our clients.

Our Commitment

To create a corporate culture of respect, integrity, dignity, credibility, and responsibility and apply it to our client relationships, as well as our people.

Our Objective

To develop long-term partnerships through a mix of Team Members that bring different perspectives and expertise to the table. This mix widens our ability to better understand and meet client expectations and needs that are financially affordable.